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Hi! I’m Wil Gibbs - a Ph.D. student at Airzona State University (ASU) interested in Systems Security. I currently work at SEFCOM under Dr. Ruoyu (Fish) Wang who is my primary advisor, but I also work closely with Dr. Adam Doupé, Dr. Yan SHoshitaishvili, and Dr. Tiffany Bao. I have a strong interest in anything binary analysis related with most of my research focus on static analysis.

When I’m not doing Research, I am competing in ethical hacking competitions called CTFs! I am the captain of the internationally known CTF team Shellphish which routinely competes in DEFCON CTF (and has continue to have done so during my time as captain). I started the ASU based CTF team pwndevils which has transitioned into the ASU Hacking Club and pipelines talented hackers directly into Shellphish. I try my best at pwn and rev based challenges (with a sprinkle of web) under the handle clasm when competing.


Ahoy SAILR! There is No Need to DREAM of C: A Compiler-Aware Structuring Algorithm for Binary Decompilation

Zion Leonahenahe Basque, Ati Priya Bajaj, Wil Gibbs, Jude O’Kain, Derron Miao, Tiffany Bao, Adam Doupé, Yan Shoshitaishvili, Ruoyu Wang Proceedings of the USENIX Security Symposium, Philadelphia, USA August 2024. github

Greenhouse: Single-Service Rehosting of Linux-Based Firmware Binaries in User-Space Emulation

Hui Jun Tay, Kyle Zeng, Jayakrishna Menon Vadayath, Arvind S Raj, Audrey Dutcher, Tejesh Reddy, Wil Gibbs, Zion Leonahenahe Basque, Fangzhou Dong, Zack Smith, Adam Doupé, Tiffany Bao, Yan Shoshitaishvili, Ruoyu Wang Proceedings of the USENIX Security Symposium, Anaheim, USA August 2023. github

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