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About Me

Hi! I’m Wil Gibbs - a Ph.D. student at Airzona State University (ASU) interested in Systems Security. I currently work at SEFCOM under Dr. Ruoyu (Fish) Wang who is my primary advisor, but I also work closely with Dr. Adam Doupé, Dr. Yan SHoshitaishvili, and Dr. Tiffany Bao. I have a strong interest in anything binary analysis related with most of my research focus on static analysis.

When I’m not doing Research, I am competing in ethical hacking competitions called CTFs! I am the captain of the internationally known CTF team Shellphish which routinely competes in DEFCON CTF (and has continue to have done so during my time as captain). I started the ASU based CTF team pwndevils which has transitioned into the ASU Hacking Club and pipelines talented hackers directly into Shellphish. I try my best at pwn and rev based challenges (with a sprinkle of web) under the handle clasm when competing.

Honors and Awards